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At YYC Lawyers, we understand that your home is one of the biggest investments you make, so we want to ensure that upon leaving the property, there are no lingering disparities or issues that can arise and potentially disrupt the sale.

Some of the work that we do for you, in order to ensure a smooth closing process includes:

  • Reviewing the Purchase of Sale Agreement and ensuring all conditions are met;
  • Preparing closing documents;
  • Requesting a mortgage or line of credit payout statement from your lender(s);
  • Calculating outstanding figures on any mortgage and arranging for these to be paid upon sales proceeds;
  • Obtaining the final signatures and closing the transaction with the buyer’s lawyer;
  • Informing relevant tax department and utilities (hydro and gas) of the change of ownership;
  • Paying the balance of the commission to your real estate brokerage;
  • Paying the balance of the sale to you.

In order to be able to do our best for you, we ask that you please provide us with the following:

  • Your contact information so we can respond to your inquiries on a timely basis;
  • A copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale or ask your agent to send a copy to us;
  • Your forwarding address for the title/deed registration;
  • Please contact utilities and services providers to alert them of your move, but we request that you also call your hydro and gas provider to do a final meter reading and send you a final bill after closing;
  • If you have an oil or propane tank, please confirm with us if they should be filled before closing (please send us your final “fill-up” invoice so that we can adjust for that at closing and reimburse you);
  • We will want to meet with you two or three days prior to closing to sign your final closing documents (we can meet with you earlier, depending on what your schedule allows because we aim to serve you);
  • A copy of your most recent property tax bill
  • The bank and loan number for each mortgage or line of credit registered against to the property;
  • You may wish to speak with your mortgage lender to be aware of any pre-payment charges;
  • Please relay any potential problems to us so we may act accordingly.

YYC Lawyers understands the importance of selling your home and we aim to provide the most comprehensive legal services to aid you in that process.