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A lot of work goes into starting a new company and in addition to realizing your personal goals, there are several other aspects to consider in relation to the success of your business. At YYC Lawyers, we will help identify these aspects and implement objectives that will set the foundation for your company to achieve its goals. We will advise you on the type of incorporation that best suits your company, the structure or jurisdiction. We can also advise you on how to best organize your company based on your goals and present situation.

After we help you incorporate your organization, we will continue to act as facilitators to conduct annual corporation requirements, including any changes to officers and directors, and operate in conjunction with your accountant to ensure annual resolutions. As part of the incorporation process we will ask you to assist us by providing:

The preferred name(s) of your corporation for a NUANS name search; The names, addresses and nationality of the initial directors and officers; Your company will require a President and Secretary (who may be the same person) and such other officers as you may choose; The address for your company;

The types of shares you wish to be able to issue. (You may wish to consider using various classes and types of common shares and preferred shares, including dividend-paying shares, profit participating shares, non-voting shares and others);
Who will be receiving shares, how many and at what price; Who will the company’s auditors or accountants be; Your year-end date (typically a calendar year);
At YYC Lawyers we are also adept at restructuring existing companies and possess a wealth of experience surrounding shareholder agreements and management of extra-provincial and extra-territorial registrations of Alberta companies. Utilize our expertise to help guide you through these vital steps in incorporating and setting your company goals.