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Prenuptial, Postnuptial, & Cohabitation Agreements

These are all forms of family law agreements that can help ease the emotional burden of family law matters.

At YYC Lawyers, we can help you negotiate and develop agreements that are right for you.
Prenuptial and Cohabitation agreements are contracts entered into at the beginning of a marriage or common law relationship. These contracts help to dictate interactions if the relationship were to end in order to protect you in the relationship from unnecessary conflict. They help to predetermine rights and responsibilities and reduce uncertainties. YYC Lawyers can assist you by making it clear who owns what when assets are divided and if you have children, We will make sure that the rights of your child/children are protected.

Cohabitation agreements on the other hand are designed for couples who do not marry under the law, but are living together. We can draft agreements for you that determine entitlement and obligations, setting out the roles, rights and responsibilities of each partner in the relationship.

Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements with the main difference being when the agreement is drafted and when it goes into effect. We can assist you in drafting a postnuptial agreement, which is also a binding contract.

No matter the type of agreement you need, trust YYC Lawyers to help you negotiate and draft your family agreements.