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Mergers & Acquisitions

At YYC Lawyers, we work closely with our clients and their companies to understand their vision and objectives in cases of mergers and acquisitions. We have assisted clients to complete acquisitions and divestitures and have become skilled at negotiating and drafting letters of intent, asset purchase agreements, share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements and all manner of documents involved in an acquisition or corporate sale.

Our team offers practical guidance, creative legal solutions, and efficient legal services to complete your acquisition or corporate sale on time. To that end, as part of the process, we will help you to consider matters such as:

  • Structuring the payment of the purchase price through the creation of earn-outs;
  • Evaluating the benefits of a share vs an asset purchase;
  • Risks and Contingent liabilities;
  • Real Property and Equipment lease analysis;
  • Security for the payment of future earn-outs and Personal Guarantors;
  • Releases from current secured creditors and lenders;
  • Conducting PPSA, Bankruptcy, Bank Act, insolvency and other searches on target corporations;
  • If you have obtained appropriate releases from Sellers;
  • Drafting promissory notes, general security agreements, share pledges and escrow agreements, option plans and agreements, directors and shareholders resolutions, officer’s certificates and corporate opinions.